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11 Apr 2021
12:56 pm

587 people arrested in Tshwane this weekend


One significant arrest was that of a 29-year-old male, who is accused of attempted murder, on Saturday night.

TMPD officials during the launch of the Easter safety campaign at the N1 Carousel toll plaza. File image for illustration.


Collaborative efforts from SAPS, Tshwane metro police, Gauteng traffic officials, emergency services and Tracker results in more than 587 being arrested for various offences this weekend. 

Crimes include fraud, armed robbery, rape, house breaking, theft, possession of stolen property, reckless driving, drug dealing and possession, and undocumented foreigners. 

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Suspects are expected to appear in different magistrate’s courts across Tshwane. 

One significant arrest was that of a 29-year-old male, who was arrested for attempted murder in the Pretoria CBD on Saturday night. He is accused of stabbing another male several times during an altercation. The victim is currently recovering in hospital. 

A total of 927 people and 420 vehicles were searched. In addition, 112 Road Traffic Infringement (Aarto) fines valued at R30,750.