Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
4 minute read
23 Nov 2021
6:24 pm

Proliferation of illegal guns threatens state security

Sipho Mabena

While lawmakers try to disarm legal gun owners and politicians exploit the chaos for personal gain, criminals are stockpiling illegal guns.

Looters can be seen running from police in Alexandria township during the day's protests and unrest across Gauteng on 12 July 2021. Picture: Jacques Nelles

The increase in illicit and stolen guns - including large calibre firepower stolen and robbed from law enforcement agencies - are not only fuelling violent crime, but experts have warned that they could also be used during protests against the state. “What is going to happen at the end of the day is that when there is more illegal firearms or state-owned firearms then you are going to have a situation where it leads to internal rioting against the state. There are lots of possibilities,” Attorney and gun law expert Heinrich Gonzales warned on Tuesday. Also Read: Politics, poor training...