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By Faizel Patel

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Lenasia residents want CPF chair investigated, citing alleged links to kidnapping mastermind Faizal Charloos

Residents allege that Ebrahim Asvat has been working with alleged Mozambican crime kingpin Faizal Charloos.

Residents have accused the chairman of the Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) Ebrahim Asvat of being corrupt and allegedly involved in illegal activities, including the latest spate of crime that hit Lenasia last week.

In a message, which has been widely circulated on social media and also shared with The Citizen, the angry residents are calling for Asvat to be investigated by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid).

In the message, the residents allege that Asvat has been working with alleged Mozambican crime kingpin Faizal Charloos, who was arrested by police on Friday along with five other suspects, including his wife Sadyia.

During the police raids on houses in Lenasia, Lawley, Brackenhurst and Benoni, which are allegedly linked to Charloos and three of his alleged accomplices, police rescued kidnapped Gauteng businessman, 34-year-old Luqman Kazi.

Officers also found and seized R6 million in cash which is believed to be ransom paid on other kidnapping cases.

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They also confiscated an unlicensed AK-47 rifle, ammunition, one hijacked motor vehicle, a VW Polo believed to be used in the kidnapping of the businessman, military-grade signal jammers and various vehicle registration number plates.

In the message, the Lenasia residents said Ipid has been tipped off about Asvat’s alleged criminal activities.

“The tip-off is already with Ipid, which claims he has been seen driving his so-called acquaintance’s vehicle, a blue double cab bakkie with Mozambican registration. It is also known that he loaned a vehicle from the same acquaintance for his son’s wedding, a Ford Mustang which is believed to be a hijacked vehicle,” the message reads.

“There are many claims that he also extorts foreign nationals from Bangladesh and Pakistan, and this has been reported to Ipid for further investigation into this corrupt chairman who is supposed to lead by example. Yes, Mr chairman, you are currently under investigation and your days are numbered. We are watching you and we are also tired of the many crimes you are implicated in.”

‘Baseless rumours’

In a message to The Citizen, Asvat said as the chairperson of the Lenasia CPF he has always respected his position and served the community with honesty and integrity for the past eight years.

“There are baseless rumours circulating on social media, regarding my ‘alleged’ involvement in the kidnapping saga that has posed a great threat to our community and society at large. I further state that some of my dear friends were kidnapped and I felt the pain of the family and relief when the victims were returned safely.”

“I can categorically state that I have not done business with Faizel Charloos, nor do I have any involvement with the allegations he is facing,” Asvat said.

Asvat said it is disrespectful and uncalled for to accuse the CPF with baseless allegations, and cause chaos among the community for no reason.

“I challenge any community member to come forward and meet with me at the Lenasia Saps should they have any queries about my position and work done for the community,” he said.

Asvat said the executive of the Lenasia CPF will officially respond at a later point.

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