WATCH: Police signal 48-hour deadline to dig up Olievenhoutbosch bodies

It is understood that some bones were discovered on the scene, however, police remain mum on commenting on the development.

As police continue to dig for at least three bodies, in a yard in Olievenhoutbosch, Centurion, it has come to light that a mother and her teenaged son confessed to the killings. Police are on a race against time to possibly find all suspected bodies in under 48-hours.

Police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters, says the digging up of the suspected graves has begun and police are confident to find solid evidence solidifying their evidence in court.

“The preliminary process involves taking statements and we have those. We will also be looking at taking statements from witnesses.  We do believe that by 48 hours we should have concrete case [for prosecutors].”

Police responded to the suspected murder of three men after a teenage boy and his mother allegedly confessed to killing them over the past years.

A 17-year-old boy, his mother and two other suspects are in police custody since Tuesday night after the alleged confession to community leaders.

According to deputy chairperson of Sanco’s Olievenhoutbosch branch Kgomotso Khalushi, who was approached by the boy and his mother to confess the crime on Tuesday night, the pair first killed the mother’s boyfriend in 2017.

The following year, the two then allegedly killed another man, who was the mother’s new boyfriend.

“Apparently the boy hit the boyfriend with a hammer on his head and the mother hammered his limbs to weaken him. They claimed they killed him because he was telling people that the woman had killed her previous boyfriend.”

But apparently the boy’s brother witnessed the alleged killing.

“The brother kept threatening to call the police. Last year, the boy then hit his brother on the head with a bottle, took off his clothes and buried him. It seems he was buried alive because he was still conscious,” Khalushi explained.

While the boy, his mother and two other suspects are expected to appear in court on Friday, due to their explosive confession, police say the task at hand was to establish if indeed there were human remains in the identified space.

“…then follows the identification process which has to be done forensically through DNA analysis. It’s a process that could take more than one day,” Peters said.

It is understood that some bones were discovered from the scene, however, police remain mum on commenting on the development, in their haste to get to the bottom of the bizarre case.

(Background information Rorisang Kgosana)

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