Asanda Matlhare
Intern Journalist
2 minute read
19 Feb 2021
1:45 am

Yianni Dalakas: ‘The pandemic definitely had a negative impact on my academics’

Asanda Matlhare

The Saheti School matriculant admitted that the pandemic came with hurdles that affected his academics, but he still passed with 9 distinctions.

“The pandemic definitely had a negative impact on my academics. In particular, digital learning and online assessment was a struggle. Over and above the technological complications that come with a complete transition towards working from home, the pandemic also had a negative influence on my work ethic. Namely, I became negligent towards certain subjects, later paying the price for my actions.”

Dalakas said out of all his subjects, he thoroughly enjoyed Mathematics.

“I had an excellent teacher who made the lessons very engaging and interactive. He constantly pushed us to do our best, going the extra mile to ensure that we understood the material and were prepared for all assessments.”

The matriculant explained that although the school was present and helping the pupils virtually, he later felt overwhelmed.

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“The extreme emphasis placed on academic achievement at Saheti did become slightly overwhelming and unnerving at times. This was compounded by the pandemic situation, diminished my learning experience and student life quite significantly. Having said that, I remained somewhat focused by actively reminding myself of my goals,” he said.

He spent his spare time by playing chess, investing in the stock market or exercising.

Dalakas’ plans include furthering his studies abroad.

“In September, I plan to begin my studies at Maastricht University, Netherlands in a BSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.”

His advice to other pupils is to always look forward to the future.

“Don’t allow past failures or disappointment to set you back. Remember that ruminating and worrying about past failures gets you absolutely nowhere; it’s merely a catalyst for negativity. Past failure should rather be channelled towards something constructive, such as attempting to improve in that with which you struggled. I can’t stress how important it is to steer clear of any of this negativity! I too was a culprit of this, but soon realised that letting these things get to me isn’t worth it.”

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