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25 Mar 2019
3:39 pm

DA offers R50K reward for info about anyone messing with its 1.5m posters

Citizen Reporter

The party has put up a mountain of posters in a campaign it claims 'daunts' its rivals.

DA premier candidate Alan Winde putting up a poster. Picture: Twitter/DA

The Democratic Alliance on Monday said they had completed the flighting of more than 1.5 million election posters throughout South Africa, calling it the “largest poster operation in the history of the party and is testament to our strength and size across the country”.

The party received 4,091,584 votes in the last national election, meaning they have now printed one poster for every 2.7 of its voters. The party is looking to radically increase its support, as it intends to become the next governing party.

Spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe said the fact that the posters were worded in all 11 official languages was “in keeping with our promise to build One South Africa for All”.

He said their messages focused primarily on fair access to jobs, a job in every home, honest and professional police, keeping the lights on, bringing change and securing our borders.

“The DA has entered into a contract with the people of South Africa to deliver on our promises if elected to national government in 2019, and this poster operation communicates each of these promises to the people across our country.”

He said they were, however, concerned about “consistent reports” that other political parties were defacing, removing or damaging their posters.

“These reports are being turned over to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), who are investigating each case, and any party guilty of poster tampering may be barred from participating in the 2019 elections.

“No doubt other parties are daunted by our extensive poster operation and footprint.”

They announced a cash reward of R50,000 for information sent to them on DA poster defacement, removal or interference, when such information could lead to successful prosecution of the offender.

“Indeed, it is a criminal offence to interfere with a party’s election poster in any way.”

Tips and evidence of poster interference could be sent to (even anonymously, though how you could anonymously get your reward was not clear) and were most prosecutable when photos or videos were sent too.

“As the 2019 election approaches, the DA is hard at work in all corners of South Africa bringing our message of freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity – and we have witnessed that our support is growing stronger by the day.

“We are the only political party that can build One South Africa for All – come elections 2019, the DA stands ready to bring the change South Africans deserve.”

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