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Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
26 Apr 2019
11:38 am

Karima Brown wants the EFF to be forced to ‘pay’

Gopolang Moloko

She says she's not doing it to win, but rather to make a bold statement against a party which has a history of bullying journalists.

Karima Brown | Image: Twitter

TV talk show host and veteran journalist Karima Brown wants the Economic Freedom Fighters to be forced to publically issue an apology and fork out a R100,000 penalty fee for posting a screenshot showing her contact number without her consent last month.

Malema posted the screenshot, which sparked an outpouring of abuse against her from his supporters. He later removed her number and apologised, which apparently has not derailed Brown from her quest for justice.

The veteran journalist approached the Johannesburg High Court to “make a statement against the fascist and bullying EFF.” She said her reporting the matter was not about winning but about making a bold statement. She has asked the court to urgently rule that the EFF has contravened parts of the Electoral Act and order the party to publicly apologise on their Twitter as well as pay a fine of R100,000.

She also accuses the EFF of having a history of intimidating reporters and urged the courts to hold the party responsible for their conduct.

Last month, Brown received rape threats and was abused online, which forced her to seek intervention from the Independent Electoral Commission.

The attack began when Malema took to Twitter to accuse her of sending moles to a campaign meeting the EFF held with elders in Ekhurhuleni Ward 6.

It’s alleged that Brown had tried to post a brief of the event to eNCA colleagues, but instead sent it to the EFF’s WhatsApp group.

Malema retaliated by publishing Brown’s number on Twitter, which sparked a stream of vitriol.

Brown believes that an early ruling by the court will have implications on the upcoming elections, which as a result warrants her urgent request.

Political parties who are found to have breached the electoral code risk having their registration for the elections revoked.

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