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Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
15 May 2019
4:25 pm

Mogoeng urges IEC to probe ‘double voting’ to ‘regain credibility’

Gopolang Moloko

Mogoeng was speaking after receiving the list of candidates heading to parliament, and urged the public to hold those in power accountable.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng speaks at a press briefing after he presented the judiciary annual performance report, 23 November 2018. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has asked questions about the ill of “double voting” during this year’s national elections.

Speaking at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg on Wednesday, where he officially received the list for designated members of parliament from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mogoeng said the nation owed itself answers as to what happened.

“What happened? Why is it that there was this ill, that some apparently could find it easy so that they could vote more than they should have? Why did the error happen and also investigate, how many people did that?

“I came across a clip, one woman said she went to five different stations. She was just able to put the ink in her mouth – the ink was eliminated, and she was well received wherever she went. She’s not quite clear whether she voted or not but it’s on a video, and another man says the same thing.

“I think a thorough investigation, which may even require the inclusion of people from outside of the IEC, would help disperse whatever concerns people might have about the credibility of the elections.”

He further warned the country to hold those in power accountable.

When an office holds out a person to the public as their representative, the public has a responsibility to scrutinise that individual and hold them accountable, Mogoeng said.

This is to ensure that “when there is something unbecoming about them, they can be exposed for who they really are.”

“People must watch very closely whether those elected do what they are elected to do. That vigilance is critical.”

The IEC list was officially handed to the chief justice who lauded the IEC for a job well done. May 22 is the day selected for the National Assembly’s first sitting.

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