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Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
4 Nov 2021
6:56 pm

Despite setbacks, ANC wins majority in 161 municipalities countrywide

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Out of 213 municipalities contested, the ANC achieved the majority in 161, while the DA achieved a majority in 13 and the IFP in 10.

Photo: Jacques Nelles

Taking to the podium, IEC chairperson Glen Mashinini announced the results of the local government elections which saw the ANC winning the majority of the municipalities.

“We are satisfied that we have delivered a free election, despite the glitches which we apologise for,” said Mashinini of the elections.

“The fact that we are here today, having delivered these elections is an achievement we should all be proud of as a nation. Our thriving, vibrant and maturing democracy has indeed withstood the test thrown at it.”

Mashinini declared this a free and fair elections despite the IEC having faced a number of challenges including the Covid-19 pandemic, time frame of elections, load shedding and other technical glitches.

The commission received 219 objections and cleared all of them, while 12.3 million South Africans voted.

Out of 213 municipalities contested, the ANC achieved the majority in 161 municipalities, while the DA achieved a majority in 13 municipalities and the IFP in 10.

No party achieved a majority in 66 municipalities, said Mashinini.

Below is the breakdown of the metros:

Buffalo City:

ANC – 59.3%
DA – 19.52 %
EFF – 12.6 %

City of Cape Town:

DA – 58.2 %
ANC – 18.63 %
EFF – 4.13 %


ANC – 38.19 %
DA – 28.72 %
EFF – 13.57 %

City of Johannesburg:

ANC: 33.6%
DA: 26.47%
ActionSA: 16.05%

eThekwini Municipality:

ANC: 42.02%
DA: 25.62%
EFF: 10.48


ANC: 50.63%
DA: 25.73%
EFF: 11.31%

Nelson Mandela Bay:

DA: 39.92%
ANC: 39.43%
EFF: 6.4%

City of Tshwane:

ANC: 34.31%
DA: 32.34%
EFF: 10.62%

IEC Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo commended the 12 millions South Africans who came out to vote and political parties for partaking in the elections.

“Thank you for your simple and humble act of voting,” he said.

Addressing South Africans at the results operation centre (ROC) in Tshwane on Thursday, Mamabolo said while with every election not all who contest come out victorious, the participation “fortifies electoral engagement”.

He also congratulated the 10,400 elected councillors, and called on them to do their all to serve those who elected them.