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‘False reports’ of farm invasions by ‘Boere groups’ condemned

A group trying to protect white farmers from land occupations says it's not amused by people 'crying wolf'.

Writing on its Facebook page on Wednesday morning, white-rights party Front National admitted that it has been receiving a number of false reports of illegal farm occupations from obscure “Boere” groups.

The party’s spokesperson, Daniel Lotter, warned against this by referencing the fable of the boy who cried wolf.

In that cautionary tale, a boy amuses himself by shouting “wolf!” just so he can see his village’s panicked reaction each time.

On the third occasion, though, the wolf actually arrives, but when the boy calls out for help, no one comes and the wolf enjoys him as a snack.

“Leave the games,” Front National wrote. “If we at Front National and Boere Krisis Aksie have to phone around each time to confirm false reports before we take action, we’d probably only celebrate Blood River in July…”

Lotter criticised someone who reported a post on their Facebook page from a month earlier and joked that there was a difference between being clever (“slim” in Afrikaans) and wise and that taking “Slim-eeze” pills won’t make anyone smarter.

It’s unclear if his post warning against “crying wolf” has any relation to a story on Tuesday about farmers in Limpopo being threatened with land grabs by people identifying themselves as members of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL).

According to Front National, they allegedly had plans to occupy farms in the Diepkloof area 16km outside of Groblersdal.

The party and its affiliate, Boere Krisis Aksie, asked members of the community to keep themselves on standby to take quick action if necessary.

On Tuesday afternoon, they said that their call had mobilised the community, many of them being armed, but there had been no further attempts by anyone to set foot on farms.

“Everything is quiet and under control,” they announced.

Front National is a political party formed in late 2013 that contested the 2014 national elections. It promotes secession and Afrikaner self-determination. It says it strikes no distinction between English-speaking whites and Afrikaners.





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