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Gigaba dares detractors to charge him with perjury

The minister believes that his woes have been orchestrated in an attempt to get rid of him.

Even though Malusi Gigaba’s future as a minister hangs in the balance, he has shown no signs that he will go quietly.

The controversial newsmaker has dared his detractors to charge him with perjury for lying under oath and calling SA’s richest family, the Oppenheimers, dishonest liars reports Sunday Times.

Gigaba has long been the subject of many a controversial news report but this past week’s “sex scandal” and the revelations made in the public protectors report on the Fireblade Aviation matter could be the final blows to his ministerial career.

Apart from the occasional statement and tweet, Gigaba has yet to address all the allegations made about him and states that testifying in his own defense in a perjury trial would give him the opportunity to do this.

He would, however, prefer to state his case before parliament’s Ethics Committee before escalating the matter that far.

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“If the argument is that I have lied under oath, and I have not been given an opportunity to clear my name, then that’s what they should go ahead and do,” Gigaba told the publication.

The minister went on to add that he believes that there is an orchestrated plan to destroy his career by assassinating his character.

“The intention is to destroy me and force me out. I’m being demonised and proclaimed as public enemy No 1.,” said Gigaba.

He told City Press that it is for that specific reason that he would not be giving in to calls from to resign.

“If I do that, I will be giving in to a devious plot. It means that from now on and henceforth, everybody who is a victim of a political campaign of slander and destruction must simply surrender to those who have the resources and capacity to wage such campaigns,” said Gigaba.

He went on to say that his unnamed detractors must wage their war on him as he is ready for it.

“I am going to fight to the bitter end, they must not think they can walk all over me,” added Gigaba.

Another reason for Gigaba’s belief that there is a campaign against him is the fact that he reportedly has to change his passwords on a regular basis due to frequent attempts to access them by outsiders.

Gigaba also addressed Tuesday’s upcoming inquiry stating that he believes the inquiries are being “cooked up” in an attempt to keep him busy with things unrelated to his ministerial work.

(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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