Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
10 Apr 2020
5:21 pm

Hunger and unemployment as dire as Covid-19 crisis

Eric Naki

While the coronavirus pandemic is the immediate concern, the North West premier was shocked by the levels of absolute poverty experienced by some of his constituents during a visit on Friday.

NW Premier, Prof. Job Mokgoro during his visit to rural areas of his province. Picture supplied

North West Premier Prof Job Mokgoro says a lot needs to be done to deal with hunger and the devastating effects of unemployment among the people, along with the ongoing fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Mokgoro said in an interview with Saturday Citizen that he was shocked by the level of suffering as a result of hunger and joblessness in the rural areas and the urban peripheries in the North West. He saw it all himself when he led a delegation of government officials on outreach visits to communities as part of the launch of distribution of personal...