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14 May 2020
4:22 pm

If you want to move house during the lockdown, all you need is a permit

Citizen Reporter

The transportation of household goods and office furniture is now allowed. 

Happy african couple dancing laughing in living room with boxes. Image for illustrative purposes | Image: iStock

Under the conditions of the latest gazetted version of the Disaster Management Act, those who need to move into a new place of residence or office space need only apply for a permit from the court or a police station.

Business Insider reports that the permit must include which persons are part of the household, and also requires a signed declaration.

The government had previously allowed a once-off window period for people to move to new homes that was set to end on 7 June 2020. That date falls away under the new regulations, which only govern moves during level 4.

Permits issued under the previous regulations remain valid.

These changes, which have been said to primarily cater to victims of domestic violence who to move to a different place, will now also allow businesses to relocate to new premises.

As a result, the transportation of household goods and office furniture is now allowed.

Movers need to have the relevant documents with them at all times.

These include lease agreements (indicating the date of expiry of the old lease or the date of commencement of the new lease); proof of purchase of residence and occupation date, including transfer documents for a new property; a domestic violence order; or proof of change or new occupation of business premises.

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