Sipho Mabena
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4 minute read
9 Aug 2021
2:18 pm

Austerity pains: Cutting govt budgets will cost us all much more in the long run

Sipho Mabena

Austerity measures are a flawed solution to our financial troubles, and are ruining healthcare, education and crime prevention efforts

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A frustrated patient screams angrily in the quite waiting area of the KwaMhlanga clinic in Mpumalanga, demanding to know how his file was lost for the third time. “You lose my file, with all my medical history and treatment details…I feel abused and my rights trampled on,” he shouts as the clinic staff scoff and ignore him. Other patients, waiting patiently for what feels like an eternity on the benches, share the screaming patient’s sentiments about vanishing files that are seemingly just an everyday occurrence among a basket of delivery failures at the clinic. The complaints range from rude staff...