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Shenrina Badri
2 minute read
26 Jun 2017
11:05 am

Sacrifice a small percentage of your time to burn many calories

Shenrina Badri

Make a little time during your busy day or evening to engage in some physical activities.

Sacrificing half an hour or even more to get some calories burning, will help you to meet your weight-loss targets quicker.

Plan your activities

Planning what activities you intend on engaging in so that you can prepare yourself in advance. For example, if you intend on going to the gym during your lunch break, carry whatever items you will require, to work. Different sports may require specific types of shoes or items so it is always best to plan ahead of time. Do not make room for an excuse not to exercise!

Get a physical trainer

If you do not know where to start or how to put a suitable workout routine together for yourself, seek the assistance of a physical trainer. There may be many available at your local gym.

Burn calories by taking the stairs on purpose

Taking the stairs regularly or at every opportunity that you can, can help you to burn more calories and reach your weight-loss goals sooner!

If you need to use the bathroom, opt to use the one that is upstairs (or downstairs!) if you reside in a property that is more than one storey high. Similarly, if your work office is in a large building, choose to go to the bathroom on another floor – the higher up and further away from your desk – the better!

Make your workout more intense

You can intensify your little calorie burning workout by taking the stairs two at a time – that is by skipping every alternate step, or more if you can! This can also help you to tone your thighs!

Drink more water!

Drinking more water is a great way to have to use the bathroom more often. An additional advantage is that water is the best beverage that you can consume if you are trying to drop a few kilograms. Avoid consuming high calorie beverages as this can add to your calorie count.

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