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Kgosi Modisane
1 minute read
16 Aug 2018
12:27 pm

Fitness guru Gordon Stevens shares his top 5 workout cheats

Kgosi Modisane

Try these easy workouts every morning at home before breakfast.

Fitness guru Gordon Stevens. Picture: Instagram

Gordon Stevens shares his top five workout cheats to get you into the fitness groove or just get you into fitness.

The good news is you don’t even need a gym membership – his tips are start-at-home advice to whip you into shape.

Stevens says you should try these every morning before breakfast and work.

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The fitness guru says you should try to work up to doing three sets of each.

 Lying down crunches on the floor (20 reps)

• Standing body weight squats (20 reps)

• Walking lunges (10 reps per leg)

• Push-ups – either normal or easier version for ladies on your knees (20 reps)

• Dips on a chair or couch (20 reps)

Try work up to doing this for three sets and if you need any help, add me on Instagram @gordonstevens and I will help you reach your goal.

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