Thami Kwazi
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17 Jul 2019
12:49 pm

Invigorate yourself with a vitamin IV drip

Thami Kwazi

Many people come just to get a drip for their skin, men and women alike.

Winter can leave you feeling dreary and your skin dull and dehydrated.

That’s because dehydration, while taking place internally, manifests in haggard-looking skin, headaches and bloodshot eyes – to name a few physical symptoms.

While in the past we would rush to beauty and self-medication counters and start popping pills and supplements, and lathering our bodies with pungent creams and oils, there is now a new almost instant remedy that’s gaining popularity among the health and beauty conscious.

Enter the much talked-about and hugely popular IV drip bar, where you can sit back, relax and get an instant boost and relief from a bag full of goodness – provided you’re not afraid of needles.

The IV Bar. Picture: Facebook

When they were first introduced, IV drip bars were primarily the domain of celebrities, such as Rihanna and Madonna, but they have quickly gone mainstream due to the incredible and almost instant benefits.

These include, among others, curing hangovers, boosting athletic performance, rehydration and anti-ageing, strengthened immune system and weight loss, detoxing and stress reduction.

The percentage of people who are unknowingly suffering from dehydration is about 70%. This means they have lost minerals like calcium, sodium and chloride, which are essential for complete cell function.

Keri Rudolph, founder and owner of the IV Drip Bar, which opened in February last year, said leading stressful and busy lives can lead to vitamin deficiency and only about 20-30% of oral supplements are absorbed. The key ingredients to make your system function at optimal level are missing.

This shows up in your face, on your skin and, at times, your hair. Even though you may use the most expensive moisturiser, you will still look always exhausted. Age is also an important factor in the level of depletion.

The IV Bar. Picture: Facebook

Rudolph said the IVs helped her with ailments. “I used to get a drip with my doctor and I loved the energy it gave me. I never got sick, but I didn’t enjoy the process of being on a drip in a doctor’s room.

So, she started researching and found a gap in the market for getting drips in a ‘lounge environment, a safe, sterile, tranquil and peaceful place’.

The drips contain medically approved vitamins, signed off by a qualified doctor, and packaged in a pharmacy. The vials come into the bar sealed and are then added to the saline. The drips are administered by a registered and experienced nurse. The effects can be immediate or visible the next morning.

Many people come just to get a drip for their skin, men and women alike.

Glutathione and vitamin C is fantastic for your skin and so is vitamin B12. These help give you a beautiful natural glow, evens skin tone, lightens dark blemishes and scars, helps with pimples, eczema and stretch marks, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Men come in mainly for the energy boost and have the sports endurance drip, mostly for gym lovers and sportspeople.

The IV Bar at Blubird Shopping Centre. Picture; Facebook

Rudolph added: “It’s good for the liver as it helps detox. You cannot overdose on intravenous vitamins. If your body doesn’t need it you excrete it.”

It’s recommended people have a drip on a monthly basis.


The high-dose vitamin C  Skin Radiance Drip is fantastic in winter to reduce seasonal illness, and the Jet Fuel Drip has all the vitamins and minerals for an energy boost

BluBird Medical, first floor, BluBird Shopping Centre, cnr Atholl Oaklands and Fort streets, Birnam/Melrose North

Morningside Shopping Centre, upper level (near Tasha’s and Sorbet), cnr Rivonia and Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton

For more information visit or call 083-344-6855

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