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16 May 2020
8:27 am

Beds, cases and discharges – Gauteng’s latest hospital numbers

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As the country's attention turns from flattening the curve through a lockdown to the preparedness of health systems, the latest statistics released by the Gauteng government show 58 people are currently hospitalised in public and private facilities across the province.

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As of Friday, the economic hub of South Africa had 2,135 cases, with 1,552 recoveries and 24 deaths.

A total of 303 patients have been admitted to public and private hospitals in Gauteng since the outbreak of Covid-19, with 231 in-patients being discharged.

As of Wednesday, public health facilities have seen 115 admissions, with 97 in-patients being discharged. Nine patients are being treated in general wards, intensive care or high care units.

Of the nine people admitted, five needed oxygen in intensive care and high care units, while four were in the general ward on “room air”.

Public health facilities in the province have recorded nine deaths.

Private healthcare facilities have seen 188 admissions, of which 134 in-patients were discharged and 39 were admitted. Fifteen deaths have been recorded.

Of the 39 in-patients admitted, two were on ventilators in the intensive care or high care units, while 15 received oxygen in the same units.

A further 17 in-patients received oxygen, while five were treated in general ward rooms with “room air”.

A presentation by the premier, David Makhura, on Thursday cited that “clinicians emphasise that early interventions are important [as this] could be the reason behind fewer complications and low mortality”.

Bed availability in Gauteng

But what do resources in the province look like when the virus is projected to reach its peak?

According to Makhura, there are about 8,301 beds in both the public and private sectors.

Johannesburg has been identified as the provincial hot spot of the virus, with 1,153 cases and 950 recoveries.

To date, it has 1,262 adult general beds in the private sector and 287 in the public sector.

In addition, there are 150 paediatric beds in the private sector and 35 in public institutions, while there are 169 intensive care and high care unit beds in private hospitals and 302 in public, bringing the total beds in Johannesburg to 2,205.

A breakdown of beds available in other Gauteng districts:

Ekurhuleni: 2,230 beds in the private and public sectors.

Sedibeng: 283 beds.

City of Tshwane: 1,970 beds.

West Rand: 1,613 beds.

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