Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
6 minute read
14 Oct 2020
2:23 pm

Covid-19 herd immunity: political pandering or realistic resolution?

Nica Richards

Experts have warned that politicians pushing the idea of herd immunity are selling a pipe dream, but they do, however, have slightly more positive news about the second wave of infections currently happening.

Photo for illustration. Sassa beneficiaries queue outside Jabulani Mall, Soweto, 4 May 2020, for their grants, some were asked to come back the following day as queues were too long for processing. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Those pinning their hopes on herd immunity being the answer to their Covid-19 prayers will be disappointed to learn that this is unlikely to occur anytime soon.  The term herd immunity has been misconstrued ever since UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that the country would take a slightly different route in combatting SARS-CoV-2, and experts warn that this might be a very dangerous course to take. Johnson’s plan is to curb the virus, but not completely, allowing people to get sick, recover and hopefully become immune to the virus.  The White House in the US has embarked on a...