Malema: Blade just ate, the only thing that changed in his life was his growing tummy

Malema invited Nzimande to come fight corruption with the EFF in the streets instead of growing a big tummy, driving expensive cars and betraying his communist values.

EFF leader Julius Malema was scathing of axed SACP general secretary and former minister of higher education and training Dr Blade Nzimande. He said Nzimande had long sacrificed his communist values to “eat”.

“We know Blade was removed because he was consolidating his faction. Blade is unprincipled. We will not be surprised if we hear there is a block resignation.

“They threatened to resign when Pravin was fired. It would have helped them gain more ground. Now they are going to resign because the principal has been removed. It is self-serving.”

Although he is disappointed Zuma did not remove himself, as it would have been “nicer”, he welcomed Nzimande’s removal, as he had done nothing remotely “communist” or “‘left” during his tenure.

“There is nothing communist or left Blade has done as a minister. We welcome Blade’s removal. Zuma should have removed himself. It would have been nicer than removing Blade alone. They are both the same, self-serving.

“He can start doing the right thing. Even if I was Zuma, I would have fired all those communists. Why do you fight with me and want to serve in my Cabinet? They go around saying all the wrong things, but still take his salary. He dealt with them today. If they want to stay in parliament, fair enough, because that is another terrain to fight corruption.

“They never say anything anti-corruption in Cabinet. We have Cabinet minutes. They agree to everything.

“He must man up and join us in the street. That is hypocrisy. You were just an eater. The only thing that has grown is your tummy. Stop eating and driving expensive cars bought with people’s money.

“We don’t welcome any of those changes. Even the lady [Prof Hlwengiwe Mkhize] sent there, she was corrupt. She was removed for doing corruption with her son at home affairs. She could not sue the director-general [Mkhuseni Apleni] because she knows he has a file on her,” Malema added.


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