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Kulula plane delayed after captain called the k-word

A passenger has reported that security was called for a woman who called a Kulula plane pilot the k-word before take off.

Someone appears to have gotten a little too comfortable inside a Kulula plane before takeoff recently.

A Kulula airline passenger delayed takeoff after allegedly calling the pilot the k-word. Another passenger on the plane quickly took to Twitter to share news of the incident.

A woman speaking to her boyfriend on the phone allegedly called the captain the k-word.  The guy sitting next to her overheard her and alerted the flight attendant before liftoff. Security was called to remove the woman.

In a short Tweet, @Nadine_watkins1 wrote:  Turning back to O.R Tambo after an unsavory passenger called the captain the k-word.  Our flight might be 10 minuets late, but as South Africans we can’t allow this type of behaviour to continue.

The airline was lauded for its quick response on the matter.

The airline, which prides itself on being South Africa’s most fun airline, recently had President Cyril Ramaphosa as one of their passengers in June.

The airline also flew former president Jacob Zuma in April.

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