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Load shedding survival hacks

Get lots of warm woollies for winter.

Load shedding has changed us. It’s made us angry and depressed, but also more aware of time and the little things – like a kettle that will boil when you switch it on in the morning. But it has also taught us “hacks”.

For example to:

  • Check whether your local supermarket has a generator. Even if it does, check whether the food fridges are cold. Also, beware of sudden “specials” on food. No-one wants to spend the hours of darkness hunched over a toilet in intestinal agony.
  • Consider adjusting your fridge’s thermostat to its coldest setting and keep the most perishable food in the freezer. Normalise not opening the fridge or freezer every five minutes.
  • If you’re planning a supper or lunch, keep the braai as a backup – if it is not your main go-to solution already because load shedding stages are somewhat fluid.
  • Speed unlock electric gates or garage doors. It’s cheaper than replacing the batteries, especially because load shedding destroys them faster than the ANC does a state-owned enterprise … and battery makers are no longer giving warranties.

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  • Consider gas (more efficient for cooking and heating), as well as inverters (which give a limited backup when the power goes out) and also an uninterrupted power supply for your Wi-Fi, so you can stay in touch.
  • Get lots of warm woollies for winter.
  • Go to bed earlier: its better for your physical and mental health.
  • Obsessively put your electronic devices, torches and lamps on charge when you are gifted the privilege of electricity.

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Do not swear at the City Power people on Twitter. They are too busy making up excuses to care.

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