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11 Jan 2018
2:25 pm

Drug possession sparks arson in Rustenburg


Buildings burned last night as community members expressed their anger at a police officer who was found in the company of known drug dealers in the area.

Several buildings were damaged last night. Picture: Twitter

Several properties in Rustenburg were burned down last night (10 January).

This comes after allegations that a police officer was in the company of notorious drug dealers in the Rustenburg area.

“What seems to have sparked these incidents of violence is an allegation made by the community members that a certain police officer was caught in the company of known drug dealers in possession of drugs at Rustenburg North,” Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) spokesperson Andrew Seome told the Rustenburg Herald.

After the violence started, police reinforcements were called in. The alleged drug dealers and the police officer in question were taken into custody last night. This action allegedly sparked rage among the already irate community, who wanted to deal with the matter on their own terms.

“During this campaign of violence all the premises within the CBD known for drug trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution were set alight. To date, ten properties have been razed by the fire,” Soeme confirmed.

The RLM is currently in discussion with various stakeholders, and peace has been restored to the area affected.

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