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6 Feb 2018
11:30 am

Cape Town’s spring water wasted while water crisis escalates

CNS Reporter

Filmmaker Sven Harding made a short film about the water of Cape Town’s springs that runs into the sea every day.

Cape Town’s Table Mountain was once a place from which springs and rivers flowed freely.

As the city’s population grew, the mountain’s natural water sources were polluted and most of the channels were paved over and forgotten.

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In Harding’s short film, Place of Sweet Waters, he highlights Cape Town’s largely untapped fresh water springs, Northcliff Melville Times reports. Research suggests that there are about 25 springs and four underground rivers flowing under the City, while the City of Cape Town has only 13 springs on their records.

Harding says that through this film he wanted to highlight how this naturally occurring resource has been largely untapped, and wasted, for decades.

The film was produced as part of a global sH2Orts film competition run by WaterAid and the Public Media Alliance’s WorldView project, with the aim of documenting the future of water.

WATCH: How the water from Cape Town’s largely untapped fresh water springs is wasted. 

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