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Nadia Bradbury
1 minute read
26 Feb 2018
3:20 pm

Water-bottle hijacking method exposed

Nadia Bradbury

There have been recent reports of an alleged car stealing trick operating in the city that has residents, both in Limpopo and countrywide, on high alert.

A potential new way of stealing cars. Photo: Supplied

Bosveld Review has reported on the emergence of a new method hijackers are using to steal cars.

According to social media posts, potential car thieves place an empty water bottle between the tyre and the body of the car.

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As the unsuspecting motorists drive off, it causes a loud noise, and, thinking there is something wrong with the car, they stop and get out of the car to see where the noise came from.

This is when the thieves hijack the vehicle.

According to Johan Retters, Community Policing Forum (CPF) public relations manager, there haven’t been any incidents like these reported in the city.

“This might be a method used in the bigger cities, but to my knowledge there have not been one such a case reported in Polokwane yet. Prevention is, however, better than a cure and residents are urged to remain vigilant at all times.”

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