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Thelma Koorts
2 minute read
27 Mar 2018
9:48 am

Intruders harass young people and beat dog to death during break-in

Thelma Koorts

Four young people were attacked and threatened by armed intruders on Friday at a house in Brakpan.

SAPS are currently investigating the incident.

A small Toy Pom dog, which was barking frantically after intruders entered the premises, was killed by one of the attackers after being hit over the head.

A 21-year-old woman who was with three men in the house recalled the nightmare that took place just after 8pm.

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“My parents went to buy food, and my friends and I were sitting in the living room chatting.”

According to the woman, the door was not locked. Four intruders burst through the door.

Two of the men were armed with guns, and the other two were armed with wrenches.

“Our four dogs that were in the house began barking, and one of the intruders fired a shot. The Toy Pom continued to bark, which was when one of the intruders hit the dog with a wrench.

“We were then asked where our cellphones were, and one of the intruders said that we will be killed if we try to do anything.”

They proceeded to unplug the television set in the living room and stole another TV, a laptop and personal items from one of the bedrooms, the victims explained.

The four victims were then asked to lie on the floor, where their hands were tied behind their backs with an electronic cable.

“The intruder that fired the shot stayed with us while the other three moved through the house and took an array of items, including alcohol. My friend’s car keys were also taken, but luckily his vehicle was spared.”

At a stage during the break-in, three of the intruders went outside.

“The armed intruder stayed behind and asked if there were any weapons or cash in the house. We said no, after which he stepped on our heads and warned us not to move.

“It became quiet, and one of my friends managed to free himself. He moved carefully towards the window to check if the intruders had left the premises. At this stage, my parents returned.”

SAPS was called, and the incident is currently being investigated.

This article was translated from Afrikaans 

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