Reuven Blignault
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18 Apr 2018
10:34 am

IN PICTURES: Mass evictions take place in Windsor, Joburg

Reuven Blignault

The streets of Windsor East were painted red yesterday as Red Ant Security Services moved in to evict residents from flats.

An evicted tenant carries her belongings away from the Red Ants.

The streets of Windsor East were painted red yesterday as the all too familiar outfits of the Red Ant Security Services moved into evict residents from flats.

In an early morning operation on 17 April, the Red Ants broke down doors flat by flat, emptying every last scrap of furniture, clothes and electronics from the dwellings, Randburg Sun reports.

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The Red Ants remove electronic goods from flats in the Lionsgate complex on Countesses Avenue.

Police arrive on the scene on Countesses Avenue along with private security officers.

According to Linden police’s Captain Alex Vermaak, the high court ordered residents of 70 flats in 19 buildings in the Windsor East area to be evicted.

He added residents were given a prior warning about the evictions well in advance on 9 April.

“Tenants failed to comply with their rental contracts … The occupants have been paying their rent into the account of the Windsor Community Recovery Movement, which the court found to not be in order,” said Vermaak.

As the Red Ants remove furniture from flats, a confused child looks on.

Red Ant’s private security patrols the area to make sure there are no altercations.

An evicted tenant sorts through her belongings.

The Randburg Sun reported last year that the movement had been accused of intimidating landlords and non-member tenants. It was also reported last year that the movement’s leader, Amos Maruping had confirmed that they had been taken to the High Court for cases of intimidation

The Red Ants remove a bed on Countesses Avenue.

Members of the Linden police observe the process of eviction at the Lionsgate complex.

A Red Ant carries a bedside table and a Dora the Explorer blanket.

A resident who did not wish to be named for fear of further victimisation said: “I pay my rent regularly and this is not fair… Where am I supposed to sleep tonight?”

Other bystanders did not share the same viewpoint. One resident who also wished to remain anonymous said: “This is good. If I don’t pay my rent, then I will be evicted, so these people have not paid and they must go.”

Details: Linden police 011 888 9299

Evicted residents accuse Red Ants of theft, sexual assault

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