Chrisuné Vermeulen
2 minute read
17 May 2018
2:49 pm

Witbank ‘robbery’ turns out to be murder-suicide

Chrisuné Vermeulen

The body of a lifeless man was found lying on the ground at Highland Mews Centre after he took his own life.

Emergency services attending the shooting minutes after a man took his life on May 11.

The body of a lifeless man was found lying on the ground at Highland Mews Centre in Witbank after he took his own life, Witbank News reports.

On May 11 just before 17:00, a shootout broke out at the entrance of a bank in the Highland Mews Shopping Centre.

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At first, residents were abuzz about the shootout being an attempted robbery, but it was later found to be a crime of passion.

It is alleged that an unknown man withdrew a huge amount of cash minutes before the shooting began. It is further believed that as the man left the bank, he spotted two suspicious suspects outside the bank, and immediately turned around, heading back to the bank.

In the bank, he allegedly informed Patricia Malaza, the bank manager, about the suspects outside, and wanted to deposit the cash back. Malaza informed Witbank police about the situation, and they came rushing to the scene.

It is believed that with the police arrival, Malaza left the bank and went outside. As she came out, her husband walked towards her and shot her nine times before shooting himself next to a white BMW.

Emergency services responded to the scene and declared the man lying on the ground dead. A firearm that was lying next to the deceased was taken by the police for further investigation.

Malaza was rushed to hospital as she was seriously wounded.

The lifeless body of the man that allegedly shot his wife nine times before shooting himself on May 11.

Gavin Cooper a paramedic from Legacy Emergency Specialists was one of the paramedics that helped stabilise Malaza until she reached the hospital.

“I have been visiting Malaza in hospital; she is currently in the Intensive Care Unit and in a stable condition, but the injuries she sustained caused a lot of damage,” said Cooper.

On Wednesday, May 16 Copper went to pay Malaza another visit in hospital.

“She is doing so much better today, getting stronger and stronger by the day,” said Cooper.

No witness statements were received by the unknown man that alleged he saw the two suspicious men outside the bank.

“This case is being investigated thoroughly for now but we still urge the public to not withdraw huge amounts of cash at the banks. We advise the residents to rather use Electronic File Transfer (EFT) or use card facilities,” Captain Eddie Hall Witbank Police Spokesperson concluded.

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