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Evelyn Morris
3 minute read
8 Nov 2019
2:37 pm

Kidnapped KZN businesswoman’s family requests time, space for healing

Evelyn Morris

Although she was reportedly unharmed, there have been unconfirmed reports that Sandra Moonsamy was found chained in a house in Gauteng and is undergoing medical treatment.

Sandra and Vernon Moonsamy at an event photographed by the Highway Mail in 2017.

Sandra Moonsamy is safely back with her loved ones following her abduction in May.

Her six-month-long ordeal ended last night when police found her on Thursday night, reports Highway Mail.

The family has issued a statement asking for time to process her safe return and allow her the space to heal from her ordeal.

Spokesperson for the Naicker family Keisha Patchiappen said: “We are overjoyed to announce that Sandra was found on Thursday night and reunited with her family. She is currently with her loved ones and beginning her road to recovery.

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“We will share further information as the investigation is concluded. We would like to thank the Hawks for their tireless efforts, as well as the general public for keeping Sandra in their thoughts and prayers daily. We are elated and relieved to have her back with us safely.”

The news broke early on Friday morning that Sandra was found during an operation by police in Mamelodi, Tshwane, on Thursday night. However, a close to the investigation revealed to IOL that she was found in Witbank, Mpumalanga, and that operations began in Jackal Creek.

Police have not yet disclosed the exact location where Sandra was found.

There have been reports that four people who were at the premises where she was found were arrested.

Although she was reportedly unharmed, there have been unconfirmed reports that she was found chained in a house in Gauteng.

Sandra Moonsamy is the daughter of Poonsamy and Lutchmee Naicker, owners of logistics company Crossmoor Transport.

Family never gave up

Throughout the past few months, Sandra’s brother, Inderan Naicker, said the family had remained hopeful that his sister would be returned safely, despite her having been gone for so long with few breakthroughs in the case.

In a statement, released a month after she went missing, he expressed hope in her return and faith in the authorities.

“While every passing day makes the burden on our family, due to Sandra’s absence, heavier, we remain optimistic that she will be returned to us safely. We are working closely with authorities to follow up on any new leads and seek out new details, which could assist us in locating her.”

Naicker’s statements in months to come echoed the same sentiments he had expressed in June.

However, on more than one occasion, the family had to quash gossip and rumours spreading about what had happened to Sandra.

Following a number of unconfirmed allegations being published as fact by media outlets, and shared across social media channels, Naicker said in the first few months of the investigation, he was worried about how they might impact the chance of his sister returning to the bosom of her family safely.

“There is a real danger that the proliferation of rumours and false storylines could put Sandra’s life at further risk. Once again, we appeal to the press and individuals to avoid speculation, and to share content which could impact the ongoing investigation responsibly,” he said.

At the moment Sandra is undergoing tests and treatment in hospital and then will be returning home once she is given a clean bill of health according to a source close to the family.

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