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Jarryd Westerdale
1 minute read
19 Dec 2019
10:44 am

Baby girl found alone in Roodepoort street

Jarryd Westerdale

The little girl was spotted by a resident dragging her blanket in the street, with no parents in sight. She is roughly one year old and is too young to speak.

The baby girl found in 7th Avenue, Roodepoort. Photo: Supplied.

On Wednesday evening, a resident of 7th Avenue, Roodepoort, noticed a small child walking in the street alone. The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, approached the child to discover she was unattended.

The blanket the small girl was dragging. Photo: Supplied.

“The baby was just walking alone just dragging her blanket,” the resident told Roodepoort Record.

He immediately notified community groups and other residents in the area in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the parents. The resident then reported the matter to the police, and the female child will be taken to child welfare on Thursday morning.

The black girl, roughly one-year-old, was wearing pink sandals, grey trousers and a blue jacket with red lining. The child is too young to speak but does have teeth and is able to walk.

The baby blanket the child had with her has a teddy bear on it. Should anyone have any information on the identity of the child or her parents are asked to please contact Roodepoort Police on 011 279 6400, or the Child Welfare office in Roodepoort on 011 270 8700.

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