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Charmaine Mazibuko
1 minute read
23 Jan 2020
12:10 pm

Protesters in Newcastle loot foreign-owned shops

Charmaine Mazibuko

Shops owned by foreigners have been looted on at least three separate occasions in Newcastle.

Looters in Newcastle got away with items such as crates of cold drinks, breads and maize meal. Images: Newcastle Advertiser

Protesters in Osizweni have barricaded most exit roads leading to Madadeni and town with skip bins and burning tyres on Thursday morning.

A Newcastle Advertiser journalist witnessed looting at the Five Star corner shop, owned by a Pakistani national, next to the local municipality building. The looting went on for about 20 minutes before police arrived and the crowd dispersed.

Looting taking place at the Five Star corner shop.

Looters got away with items such as crates of cold drinks, bread, and maize meal.

Another shop owner, Pakistani national Akash Habib, who owns a shop in Kwamakhasane, said looters gathered at his shop just after 1am.

“They came to my shop and took everything. I’m left with absolutely nothing, not even a 10 cent to my name. I called police, but by the time they arrived, it was over for my shop. They had taken everything.”

Akash Habib’s shop was looted by protesters, and he is left with nothing.

Habib was at the Osizweni police station, reporting the case.

In another incident, police were present and used rubber bullets on some of the protesters who were burning tyres on the road and had rocks blocking the road.

A tyre burns on the Utrecht road.

Looting chaos.

The crowd dispersed after police fired rubber bullets.

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