Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
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21 May 2021
12:53 pm

PICS: A tale of two dachshunds – Oliver reunited with his brother

Nica Richards

The Boksburg SPCA said when they first received Oliver, it was 'the most pitiful site we’ve seen in a long time'.  

Oliver and his brother Huckleberry. Picture: Facebook

A tiny dachshund cross who was casually dumped by his owner in a bucket at the Boksburg SPCA last week has been reunited with his brother. 

The Boksburg SPCA said when they first received Oliver, it was “the most pitiful sight we’ve seen in a long time”. 

Oliver was skeletal, soaked in car oil and so tiny that his bulging eyes seemed too big for his bony face. 

By the looks of things, Oliver had not known a day of love until he landed on the doorsteps of what would become his heroes. 

Oliver was bathed four times when he first arrived to get the strong oil smell out of his fur. 

He tested negative for biliary and had a mild case of “cherry eye” which the SPCA said could be rectified with surgery. His red blood cell count was also very low.

He was anaemic due to his extensive worm infestation and had to be hooked on a drip for days. 

After posting pictures of Oliver on Facebook, donations began to pour in, giving the Boksburg SPCA enough money to cover his medical costs. 

It took days for Oliver to bark for the first time, as he was depressed and terrified when first brought in. 

After almost a week, Oliver showed more colour and personality, but remained reserved. He ran for the first time after being in the Boksburg SPCA’s care for a week and has settled in to a breakfast and cuddles routine. 

He has also picked up at least 300 grams.

Huckleberry rescued 

The day after Oliver was rescued, the SPCA inspectorate visited the premises he came from. 

They found another cross dachshund in slightly better condition than Oliver. Serious concerns were raised as to his living conditions on the property. 

The owner ultimately decided to surrender this dog as well, who was named Huckleberry. 

He has since been dewormed and also exhibited a distrust of humans. 

It is hoped that Huckleberry’s presence will assist both dogs in getting a new lease on life; two dogs that would otherwise have been subjected to a life of cruelty and neglect. 

If you would like to stay up to date on Oliver and Huckleberry, head over to the Boksburg SPCA’s Facebook page. 

And if you’d like to donate to Oliver and Huckleberry, or to the Boksburg SPCA’s many other rescues, here are their account details: SPCA Boksburg | Absa branch 632 005 | Account number: 404 6388 139