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27 Sep 2021
11:48 am

Metrobus services delayed in Joburg, EFF manifesto launch blamed

Citizen Reporter

The EFF launched its manifesto on Sunday, with Julius Malema taking a swipe at the 'incapable local government'.

Picture: Joburg Metrobus

Joburg Metrobus on Monday apologised to commuters for a delay in bus services, following the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) manifesto launch on Sunday.

Metrobus services delayed

EFF tents left behind

In an urgent passenger notice, Metrobus said it was “unable to access Gandhi Square this morning, due to tents left behind after a rally over the weekend”.

Metrobus urged passengers “to walk around the Square to access buses to various destinations”.

Response on social media

EFF supporters turned to social media on Monday morning, demanding “photos or evidence to substantiate” the claims.

One user tweeted: “Where are those tents? We live in a digital age. […] It’s as good as fake news and anti-EFF propaganda.”

Another user said roads surrounding the area “had been blocked off, piles of litter, including bottles scattered all over, it’s a mess”.

While EFF supporters claim commuters were left stranded due to incompetence on the part of Metrobus, other netizens said it’s “not about hating the party”.

“This is not about hatred for the EFF, it is about inconveniencing the general public by denying them access to public transport. Stop thinking that the EFF can do what they want.”

EFF manifesto launch

The EFF launched its manifesto on Sunday, with party leader Julius Malema taking a swipe at the “incapable local government”.

Malema said the party’s manifesto is “based on many observations that we have made about the state of local government in South Africa.”

He said the party’s manifesto is based on the seven pillars of economic freedom, which includes the expropriation of land without compensation, as well as free and quality education.

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