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8 Nov 2021
2:21 pm

Three children die after eating noodles in Eastern Cape

Citizen Reporter

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said a post mortem would be conducted to establish the cause of their deaths.

After eating the noodles, the children complained that they had stomach cramps and nausea. Picture: iStock

Three children, including a four-month-old boy, have died after allegedly eating a packet of noodles.

Detectives in Motherwell, Eastern Cape, have opened an inquest after the deaths of the children – an 11-year-old girl, a seven-year-old girl and a four-month-old baby boy.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the incident happened after the children went with their grandparents to visit family members in New Brighton.

“They stayed over and on Sunday the 11-year-old girl went to the shop and bought a packet of noodles. She then cooked it and the three children ate it before leaving to go back to Motherwell,” said Naidu.

When they arrived home, the 11-year-old Sinothando Ngwendu and seven-year-old Olwam Ngwendu complained that they had stomach cramps and nausea. 

Both children passed away while being driven to Motherwell clinic. Four-month-old Athenkosi Ngwendu also died while on his way to hospital in another car.

Sinothando is Olwam and Athenkosi’s cousin.  

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Naidu said a post mortem would be conducted to establish the cause of their deaths.

Food poisoning in Cape Town

In October, 37 people were hospitalised after a suspected food poisoning incident in Seawinds, Western Cape.

Dozens of people, including children, had eaten from a community-cooked batch of food before they began experiencing stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.

The patients were treated at the scene and later transported to nearby clinics for urgent care.

Pupils become ill at Pretoria school

In March, the Gauteng education department launched an investigation after 203 pupils from MH Baloyi Secondary School complained of food poisoning.

Some of the pupils complained about having a stomach bug and said they were not able to sleep the previous night.

“About 203 pupils who consumed that food had all experienced stomach pains and they were rushed to several health facilities to receive medical attention. Fortunately, all the pupils were discharged in the evening,” said the department.

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Compiled by Gareth Cotterell