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By Nolwazi Dhlamini


Update: Mercedes-Benz used in failed heist abandoned in Ekurhuleni

It is alleged that about seven men, armed with rifles, bombed a Fidelity van about three times after shooting at it several times.

The Mercedes-Benz used by the cash-in-transit suspects in Ekurhuleni on Saturday morning was found abandoned in Edleen at the corner CR Swart Drive and Rienert Avenue later in the day.

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The Kempton Express reports that the Mercedes-Benz was one of four vehicles used in the failed cash-in-transit heist.

The other three cars used by the suspects included a Range Rover, a Volvo and a Corolla. Initial reports that a silver Audi was involved were incorrect.

It is alleged that about seven men, armed with rifles, bombed a Fidelity van about three times after shooting at it several times.

The van was coming from Modderfontein and was transporting money to the Kempton CBD.

Sebenza police spokesperson, Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso, said the Fidelity truck was chased down Parkland Drive in Esther Park. The truck was being escorted by a second Fidelity truck.

“The two Fidelity trucks were driving along Parkland Drive when the four cars used by the robbers appeared from behind and started driving alongside the trucks. The Benz then drove in-between the two trucks, and that’s when the driver of the escort vehicle realised something was fishy,” explained Tsotsotso.

“The driver of the escort vehicle immediately called the driver of the front truck and alerted him that they were being hijacked.”

The two trucks went their separate ways to confuse the robbers.

The Mercedes followed the truck with the money and slammed into it from behind, almost losing control, but that did not deter the truck driver as he continued driving.

“The Mercedes pulled over because it had been damaged in the front. The robbers left it at the corner of Rienert Avenue and CR Swart Drive.”

The cash truck was brought to a standstill after the wheels got punctured. Picture: Kempton Express

The robbers in the other cars started shooting at the truck, which brought it to a standstill after the wheels got punctured. The truck stopped on the slipway turning left from Zuurfontein Road onto the P91.

“The Fidelity guards were ordered out of the truck and instructed to lie on the grass. That was when the robbers tried to bomb the safe open. They tried it once, it failed. They tried for the second time and failed yet again.”

In the meantime, the escort truck came across police and alerted them.

The explosives unit was as at the scene to conduct investigations. Picture: Kempton Express

“By the time they tried bombing the truck for the third time unsuccessfully, the escort vehicle was driving towards the scene and the police were on their way. The robbers panicked and fled.”

They didn’t manage to get the money. The explosives unit was at the scene to conduct investigations. Nine cartridges were found at the scene as well as particles from the explosives.

“No suspects have been arrested yet but two men, who were seen running from the scene, are being questioned. They are not suspects but police want to determine why they were running from the scene of the crime.”

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