Mooinooi women were hanged, bodies thrown in dustbins – policeman

The investigating officer in the murder trial testified they were hanged by their necks to die while the ‘mastermind’ and his wife watched.

Kormorant reports on Colonel Isaac Tlhape testifying in the bail application of the eight accused.

Thlape said that Joey (32) and Anisha (30) van Niekerk were taken to the farm by one of the accused where some of the other accused were waiting for them.

He told the court that one of the women was taken inside the house and raped by one while the 21-year-old wife of the ‘mastermind’ watched.

“The two victims were then taken to a container and tied up,” he said.

According to Tlhape the 18-year-old accused in the case raped the women again. The ‘mastermind’ gave another accused a contract with the order that he had to “make them sign.”

They were allegedly threatened with a firearm to sign.

Tlhape said that while there was no evidence that the ‘mastermind’ raped the women, he was present during the crimes and gave the orders. He told the court that he had an eyewitness.

“The two women were then hanged with ropes and left to die,” he testified.

Tlhape told the court that the two women’s bodies and clothes were thrown into dustbins and the ‘mastermind’ and his wife poured acid and petrol over the bodies in order to burn them.

“Both bodies were covered with wood and rubbish to make the fire stronger,” he said.

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