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2 Feb 2019
12:36 pm

Northern Cape is the ‘home of the ANC’, says Ramaphosa


The ANC's manifesto has called on people to join hands as a new chapter in the country is unveiled.

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses crowds in the Northern Cape. Image: Twitter/@ANCECape

During the ruling party’s People’s Manifesto launch in the Northern Cape today, President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged the ANC’s loyalty to the province, saying that “the Northern Cape is the home of the ANC.”

“We can say today that the Northern Cape as a province has indeed become a better place to live in for the majority of the people of the NC. The living conditions of our people here are better than they were in 1994,” he said.

However, he lamented that despite the ANC’s commitment to the province, there was still a lot of work to be done to eradicate extreme poverty in the region. Unemployment statistics for the province stands at 28.9%.

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“The ANC is working hard to reconnect with our people, and our manifesto is to call all South Africans to join hands to make sure that we grow SA. We are here about growing South Africa, and we are calling on everyone to work together to grow the economy, our nation, to make sure that our people get the best. Through our manifesto, we will unveil a new chapter to eradicate poverty, unemployment and inequality,” Ramaphosa told the party’s supporters. 

Ramaphosa also touched on investor confidence in the Northern Cape, which he said was especially prevalent during his visit to India earlier this year.

He alluded to the Northern Cape’s abundant mineral resources, and that this needed to be exploited in order to benefit the majority of the people.

“You have many mines, many mineral resources, and in the new era we are in now, they need to be exploited for the benefit of our people as a whole.”

In addition, he lauded the province’s renewable energy sector, saying that the Northern Cape has the most solar power plants in the country, “and many other places in the world.”

Ramaphosa assured supporters that the ANC will do everything in its power to launch initiatives to consistently improve unemployment figures in the province.

The manifesto launch continues:

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