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15 Dec 2019
6:47 pm

We won’t divulge our security plans at EFF conference – Malema

News24 Wire

Malema rubbished claims of women being ill-treated at the conference, saying no one could attest to those claims.

EFF leader Julius Malema briefs media at the EFF Headquarters in Braamfontein, 5 September 2019. Picture: Neil McCartney

EFF leader Julius Malema refused to divulge security details of the party’s second conference, following a scuffle on Saturday night between delegates and party’s internal security personnel.

Malema told the media that his party would never reveal security details.

“We are not going to discuss security details with you. It will never happen. You come here and question security details in my house and want to know how I have arranged security in my house. I can’t discuss security with the media in full view of the enemy here,” he said.

Malema rubbished claims of women being ill-treated at the conference, saying no one could attest to those claims.

“Why would they go and complain to you and not to us? There is no one who will tell us about our members. They are our members and we are responsible for their safety.

“There is no one here who will abuse women and go unpunished. Let them try, they will see. The person who abused our women with pepper spray is on the streets now,” he said.

Malema said all female delegates were receiving “best of the best” treatment.

“Which organisation has given women sanitary pads? They (women) are very special and will be treated with special respect. There is discipline and robustness in plenary and throughout the conference,” he said.

EFF internal security personnel, known as the Defenders of the Revolution (DOR), allegedly assaulted members – especially female delegates – with pepper spray.

Some delegates were then rushed to hospital.

Malema said the party had dismissed the head of security, known as “General”, following the incident.

“The incident took place at a dining hall where security personnel discharged pepper spray on delegates. People were taken to hospital and we were with them throughout the night… All those who were taken to hospital on Saturday have been discharged.

“It was an isolated incident, which is regrettable. ‘General’ has been released and security personnel is still here. We have asked them to behave and must not be overexcited and carried away by emotions. They must communicate to us if there is a situation.

“What happened last night was never communicated to us,” he said.

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