Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
17 Feb 2020
5:34 am

Tony Leon lambasts FW de Klerk Foundation for defending apartheid

Eric Naki

Various parties have slammed the foundation's recent comments about apartheid not being a crime against humanity.

Former DA leader Tony Leon address members at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, Johannesburg, 24 April 2019, during the march agtainst corruption in Gauteng. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

Former Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon is the latest high-profile leader to lambast the FW de Klerk Foundation for entering the fray to defend apartheid, as some organisations call for a Nuremberg-type trial for De Klerk for apartheid atrocities. Leon, who is former ambassador to Argentina, added his voice to a chorus of criticism from the ANC, the Congress of the People (Cope) and a host of others aimed at De Klerk and his foundation. De Klerk opened a can of worms when he claimed that apartheid was not a crime against humanity and his foundation reiterated that, adding that...