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Bongani Hlatshwayo
1 minute read
2 Apr 2020
11:59 am

‘I was not poisoned,’ says Mpumalanga Premier Mtshweni-Tsipane

Bongani Hlatshwayo

'Was I sick? Surely, you can see that I am alive, kicking and healthy,' she says.

Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane.

Mpumalanga premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane has ruled out any hospitalisation and alleged poisoning on Tuesday, reports Mpumalanga News.

Responding to a direct question from the media as to whether she was indeed sick, she said: “Was I sick? Surely, you can see that I am alive, kicking and healthy. I learned of this story over the weekend when I was caught by surprise. I was busy exercising at my home, to stay healthy.

“I got the news and I rushed to the shop to get the newspaper. I got the newspaper, spoke to the author and I assured him that I am healthy and I am alive and I am at home. I am not being hospitalised.”

Responding to further allegations that her office staff is being investigated by members of the Hawks for alleged poisoning, she referred that question to the provincial commissioner, Lt Gen Mondli Zuma, who was also in attendance.

“Was I poisoned? The answer is no, I was not poisoned. The second question why the Hawks were investigating my staff, I will leave that one to the provincial commissioner, because I know that from time to time when I get to my office, the Hawks are there.

“Lt Gen Zuma said the Hawks and Crime Intelligence have a routine screening process that is ongoing.

“Those are deterrent processes, because sometimes you pick up information along the line. Those are intelligence-gathering methods. Not because there is somebody who has been poisoned or is about to be poisoned. That is how we work around senior officials.”

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