Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
26 Aug 2020
11:02 am

ANC passes ‘adjustment budget of corruption’ in Gauteng – opposition

Gopolang Moloko

The FF Plus says the ANC has no interest in improving the quality of life for all but instead is interested in gaining power to enrich the lives of a few cadres.

ANC banner. Picture: Twitter

With only a single-seat majority in Gauteng, the ANC has passed what the DA calls an “adjustment of corruption budget of R4 billion which has seen wolves trying to break down the door, salivating their teeth around these funds,” which are intended to fix a broken economy and combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a report released by Treasury in Gauteng on PPE (personal protective equipment), the DA says flags were raised due to the numerous contradictions.

“To date, National Treasury has not rescinded its emergency procurement instruction which subverts transparency and the safeguards usually in place to safeguard the public purse. A simple gazette is all that is required to make sure that the green and yellow vultures circling our dying provincial fiscus is safeguarded.

“The failure to undertake a simple stroke of the pen calls into question this governments commitment to clamp down on the brazen fleecing of the state at all levels.

“We have seen the government pay R13,000 for a hospital bed spent at the Nasrec field hospital, R65,000 for shacks that are being built in Joburg and Tshwane and the sickening irony of R4 million spent on catering for well-paid officials and staff when cooked food wasn’t even allowed to be sold,” the party said in a statement.

The DA’s call for transparency is followed by the FF Plus’ statement that it exposed the ANC for the “morally corrupt party that it is, using Covid-19 to destroy white middle class while asking the black middle class to commit suicide in the spirit of Amilcar Cabral, who was assassinated.”

Describing the ANC’s efforts on the budget, FF Plus said: “It was not long before the ANC showed its true colours by implementing race-based government financial aid to business enterprises. The ANC does not care about the fact that black workers are losing their jobs in the process. For them it is much more important to sink white-owned businesses in order to make the transformation of the economy possible; all in the name of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

“It becomes clear why the ANC supports the destructive ideas advocated by Amilcar Cabral, namely that after the destruction of the old middle class by means of a revolution, the new middle class – in South Africa, that is the black middle class – must sacrifice its privilege to establish an equal, communist society,” the party said.

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