Tshegofatso Seleke
2 minute read
28 May 2019
1:15 pm

‘Peaceful’ Davidsonville residents livid after police fire rubber bullets

Tshegofatso Seleke

The area's community forum chairperson alleges that the JMPD lied by saying the mayor would address them on Monday.

Police opening water cannons on protesting Davidsonville residents. Photo: Goodwill Silinda.

A number of Davidsonville, Roodepoort, residents were injured when police fired rubber bullets at them on Monday, reports Roodepoort Record.

Residents have been protesting since last Tuesday, complaining that their meter boxes are faulty. City Power is said to have come into the area and taken out some boxes without warning. They want the power utility to fix the faulty boxes currently installed in their houses.

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Members of the community said they were angry and did not understand why the police were insulting them and shooting at them, because they were protesting peacefully.

Jubeida Mecuur holding all the rubber bullets found in her house. Photo: Goodwill Silinda.

Nasiy Mangera, a resident of Davidsonville, said they were standing outside and as they saw the police come down their street, they dispersed in different directions.

“The police came into our house, looking for a group of guys whom they believed were hiding in the house. We tried closing the door, but they banged on it with their guns,” Mangera added.

She said they were not strong enough to keep the door closed, so the police forced their way into the house and one fired shots.

“They went into the passage and then into our rooms. When I asked for their names, they insulted me and told me to stop talking,” she said.

Nasiy Mangera, who was allegedly threatened by armed police officers. Photo: Goodwill Silida.

Christebell Pienaar, the chairperson of the Davidsonville Community Forum, said: “I feel like this has turned into a race thing, because police have no right to swear at our people.”

According to Christebell, the Johannesburg metro police department (JMPD) officers lied to the people by saying that the mayor would come to address them on Monday.

“We feel that the mayor does not want to come out, because he does not have time for us. We have three memorandums already since last year.”

One of the residents said: “I feel that this is not the only place that does not pay for electricity and water, so why do they come here and come take advantage of us. It’s not that we do not want to pay, we simply can’t pay R600 per week for lights.”

The residents have vowed to stand together and fight the matter until it is resolved.

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