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R7.2m McLaren 720S written off after crash in Cape Town

'There was a car that had braked in front of him, he tried to avoid that car and he turned into the pavement,' the driver's friend said.

The McLaren 720S with its roaring engine and sleek exterior is a guaranteed head-turner, but on Sunday it captured Capetonians’ attention for the wrong reasons.

The R7.2 million supercar was involved in a crash.

The man behind the wheel was on his way to the Virgin Active in Green Point.

As he was driving down Helen Suzman Boulevard, the car in front of him stopped abruptly.

His friend who witnessed the incident, while driving in his own vehicle, agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

“There was a car that had braked in front of him, he tried to avoid that car and he turned into the pavement,” he said.

The sports car struck a pole on the side of the road before coming to a stop between the trees.

The backend and right hand side of the vehicle were damaged.

“When I saw the car losing control and all the parts flying all over the place, I was worried. I thought he was dead,” the friend said.

“It happened so quickly. I stopped to get him out of the car because these cars catch fire easily,” he added.

The driver walked away with only a stiff shoulder.

But he was disheartened by snide remarks that some onlookers made.

“Shortly after the accident, I’m checking if he’s okay. And people were videoing and laughing. It’s no joke. The guy could have lost a leg or died. No one offered us a water or asked if we’re okay. It was only the policeman and the ambulance who checked to see if all is well.”

“You are never going to own one,” the driver reportedly told one of the laughing onlookers.

The man was reportedly doing well and on the road to recovery.

As for the car, the McLaren diagnostic team is assessing the extent of the damage.

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