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WATCH: ‘Aggressive’ white couple kicked out of plane to applause

This after the man allegedly threatened to 'bliksem' a black couple, allegedly telling them 'you people are all the same'.

A couple was walked off a plane to the applause of other passengers after they allegedly displayed aggressive behaviour towards fellow passengers.

It’s understood that a man seated near them on the flight threatened to “bliksem” the couple. In response, the alleged victims of the squabble called the flight captain, who walked the couple out of the plane.

In the video that’s making the rounds on social media, a woman can be heard saying that the man called them “assholes”, and told the captain that they did “not feel safe going into the air with this kind of aggression”. She told the captain he was “legally obligated” to protect them, and that’s when he told the couple to come with him.

“[He] called this gentleman an asshole and when we proceeded to say to him that’s unacceptable, he said to me: ‘You people are all the same’,” the woman says in the video.

“Sir, you are legally obligated to keep us safe. I do not feel safe going into the air with this kind of aggression.

“You called him an asshole. You said I’ll bliksem you.”


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