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WATCH: Lechesa Tsenoli scores own goal against EFF MP in parliament

The speaker says the word 'anarchist' is a political statement, but has a problem with it being used on him.

Deputy speaker in the National Assembly Lechesa Tsenoli was involved in a war of words with EFF MP Khonziwe Hlonyana over the word “anarchist”, which was used to describe the red berets in parliament on Tuesday.

Hlonyana stood up on a point of order and asked Tsenoli to call on Freedom Front+ MP Wouter Wessels to withdraw the word “anarchist”, which he had used to describe the EFF, a request he immediately turned down.

Wessels used the word to slam the EFF following a video of Eckhard Binding picking up litter and putting it in a trash bin, only for two waiting female EFF members to throw it back on the ground.

He said: “There are parties in this house that are only seeking anarchy, violence, and who are not interested in building a better South Africa for all. We need more people like Binding who take a stand against anarchists like the EFF. We should not allow anarchists to win.”

But Tsenoli said the word was a “political statement”.

He said: “Honourable member, that’s a political statement, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

But Hlonyana was not backing down, and neither was Tsenoli.

As a last resort, Hlonyana called Tsenoli an anarchist to see how he would react to it, and he played right into the trap.

He said: “Okay, honourable member, you will withdraw that now,” to which she responded: “Why? Why must I withdraw? You said he must not withdraw, why must I withdraw when I say it’s you?”

The reason he gave was that Hlonyana did not understand the rules.

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

(Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde)

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