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WATCH: Mom gets her kids to steal woman’s handbag at Steers

Social media has despaired at the footage, which ranks up there with some of worst parenting imaginable.

A video published by crime awareness account Reza on Twitter on Sunday shows a woman with children, engaging in an apparent handbag theft.

The woman is presumably the children’s mother, and she stands guard while what appears to be her eldest daughter sneaks in behind a woman at a Steers restaurant, nicking her handbag. Once she has the bag, the group moves away quickly.

The incident was apparently captured on CCTV. Reza’s administrator asked: “Would you do this to you kids?”

Another version of this video has also been circulating with the caption that the mother and kids were standing outside the restaurant hungrily, unable to afford to sit down and order a meal.

That version of the clip, however, doesn’t show the bag being stolen.

Police advise the public to always keep their personal items on their person or close at hand in public spaces, as there is always the risk of long fingers, even if they are little ones.


(Compiled by Charles Cilliers)

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