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WATCH: ‘Where’s Malema!?’ Coligny woman demands to know

She finally relents after screaming, and says, 'I will go. Please. Let me go. Please ask them to let me go. Freedom of f**king speech!'

In a popular video that has been circulating on Facebook, a white woman, presumably from Coligny in North West, can be seen demanding to speak to EFF leader Julius Malema.

She was addressing EFF protesters who were marching to the Coligny police station in protest against what they allege is racism in the small town of 2 000 people and the neglect of black people’s complaints of crime when they try to lodge matters with the police.

The Economic Freedom Fighters mobilised the march, but there was at least one person in the march they weren’t expecting to see: a grey-haired white woman trying to have her say.

They EFF had earlier said they were expecting about 5 000 people to join them.

The previously almost unknown hamlet of Coligny has dominated headlines for weeks after two white farmers were accused of killing a black teenager after he allegedly stole sunflowers from them.

Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte allegedly caught 16-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu on April 20.

The two were given bail last week despite the black community being opposed to it.

The farmers say the teenager jumped from their moving bakkie and died in the accident while trying to escape being taken to the police station. Their opponents believe he was thrown.

Residents of the informal settlement he came from said one of the accused allegedly previously killed two people, the recent being last year.

Racial tensions have been running high in the town, with opinions about whether the men are guilty often divided along racial lines.

In a tweet last week, EFF leader Julius Malema alleged that Afrikaner-rights group AfriForum was “sending private security” to Coligny in North West to “protect racist white farmers”.

In language suited to a battlefield, he said that “our people” would need to be “reinforced”.

The rural community has been in uproar for weeks, with homes torched and even reporters attacked, allegedly by farmers.

When what was presumably a local white woman tried to address the EFF marchers on Friday, protesting that “everyone has freedom of speech”, she was stopped by protesters, with even the police stepping in to try to apparently get her to change her mind.

She clearly was hoping to find Malema, who was nowhere to be found.

She said: “Where is he? We all want the same thing, we all want peace. Where is he? He’s supposed to support you guys. Waar is hy?!”

She repeatedly points at the protesters, who take exception to her, and she is then shown away by the police, who are clearly trying to prevent a violent incident.

The woman tries to flee herself, and the protesters get excited at her anger.

She shouts: “Stop! Let go! They’re not going to hurt me!”

The police keep trying to reason with her, and she invokes her right to freedom of speech. An EFF member then steps in and tries to advise her to just leave.

She finally relents after screaming, and says, “I will go. Please. Let me go. Please ask them to let me go. Freedom of f**king speech!”

She then argues with the police that she “is not angry with them”, which the police don’t seem particularly convinced about.

Watch the video below:

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