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What was Gigaba’s adviser doing in Saxonwold in 2016, asks Vytjie Mentor

A screenshot of Malikane's alleged Facebook profile shows he checked in 'somewhere' in Saxonwold.

Former ANC MP and ANC whistleblower Vytjie Mentor raised eyebrows yet again after asking a question that left her followers thinking she once again knows more than she is letting on.

Taking to Facebook on Wednesday, Mentor shared her thoughts on the conflicting statements between Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba and his adviser, an economics professor from Wits University, Chris Malikane.

Following Malikane’s call for mines and banks to be nationalised, Gigaba called a press conference and told South Africans the professor was only his adviser, while he alone was the finance minister. He distanced himself from the comments made by Malikane, saying they were not in line with ANC policies.

However, Mentor said Gigaba’s press conference just exposed that he was intimidated by his adviser, who has a PhD, while Gigaba “trained to teach religious education”.

“Gigaba must sit down,” she said.

Though at first she appeared to be on Malikane’s side, she, however, then let loose with a broadside asking what the professor was doing at Saxonwold in November last year.

“Can someone please ask Prof Malikane what he was doing at Saxonwold on 03 November 2016,” she wrote, further implying that Gigaba had something against Malikane because he feared he may be the one to allegedly take his place at the Guptas’ table.

“And also tell Gigaba to chill, the prof will not steal his place as a special blue-eyed boy of the Guptas.”

While some thanked Mentor for “exposing” corrupt people, others defended Malikane, saying he was not the kind of person who would ever be an agent of the Guptas. Why would anyone go the Guptas and tell the world about it, they asked.

A follower had posted a screen shot of Malikane’s alleged Facebook profile showing that he had indeed checked in at Saxonwold in November last year. Saxonwold, however, is a big place, and he may have been going to the zoo, or maybe that “shebeen” in the area.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

Mentor said she would find out what Malikane had been doing there and why her source “knew” about his whereabouts.

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