Things you didn’t know about a doula 

Having a doula present at your birth and in the after can help you in so many surprising ways.

When you’re about to bring a new person into the world, having someone who’s 100% there for you, your baby, your partner, your birth and your needs is huge! Katrina Meek, a professional doula in Johannesburg shares her reasons why you should consider having one.

Doulas aren’t just for natural births

Whether you are having a natural birth, epidural or a C-section, a doula is there to support you in whatever way you choose to birth.

Doulas are FREE… to interview

It’s crucial to have the perfect fit when finding a doula. Most doulas offer a free “get to know each other session”. It’s so important to interview as many doulas as you need to find the right fit.

You can hire a doula at any point in pregnancy.

As doulas, we sometimes have clients from when they are five weeks pregnant and on the other scope of things, I’m sure most doulas have got the call of “Hi Kat, you don’t know me but I’m in labour, can you be my doula”. It’s never too early or late to hire a doula.

Doulas don’t make decisions for you

A doula is there to be an advocate for the family, talking to them and showing them their options — not making decisions for them. It’s not in our scope to do otherwise.

Doulas don’t get offended

You can tell doulas to leave the room, curse at us, tell us to stop doing what we are doing. We won’t get offended. Doulas understand how vulnerable you are during the birthing process

You do not need a doula’s permission for anything

As we don’t make decisions for you, you never have to ask permission to change your mind to do what’s best for you, your body and your baby.

A Doula can help you process your birth experience

Whether it was smooth sailing or your whole world turned upside down, doulas are there to help you process whatever occurrence that may help. You are probably not going to remember every detail of your birth and a doula can help you fill in the blanks.

Doulas help partners too

Doulas never ever replace the role of your partner! If anything, we can enhance the role. A doula can reassure your partner and be there for you if and when your partner needs to go get a cup of coffee or some fresh air.

Nothing scares us

Doulas often get asked the question of what happens during labour. We have seen it all and nothing frightens us… Not even pooh, unwaxed vaginas and half done toenail polish.

We are there postpartum

Most doulas do a lot of postpartum work to help the family settle in. The fun starts once the baby is at home and you have no idea what you are doing without the help of nurses and hospital staff. Postpartum doulas help with this major transition.

Doulas love what they do
Jup. We love the birthing process and the sight of LIFE is something else, I myself, can’t get enough of. We drop whatever we’re doing, work, family life, meals, and sleep to be there for the labouring mom and partner.

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