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Wanda Baloyi’s new album set for release

Wanda Baloyi has been involved in the music industry for over a decade and now, after a three-year break she is back; this time with her fourth solo album, 'Love and Life'.

She says ‘this album is a very personal one and I hope my fans can feel that. I hope my message of love and freedom and growth comes across.’

‘Removing myself from the music scene was a way for me to discover who I was and what exactly I wanted to do…Now that I’m back, I also feel I’m ready to express my authentic self through my sound.’

She formed music group Ghetto Love with three friends when she was just 16 and says ‘I got into the scene because it was fun, but these days I take it more seriously because I’ve made a career choice to entertain.’

As for her musical style and ethos she explains. ‘I like to think of myself as a fusion artist because my sound is influenced by the music I grew up listening to – this includes jazz, R&B and soul. I stay true to all those influences and make a sound that is an honest reflection of who I am.’

‘Love and Life’ is set for release next month.

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